Nie Wieder Schlafen returns with Varaz’s ‘MTHCLS’

Nie Wieder Schlafen returns with Varaz’s ‘MTHCLS’

Serving as a tribute to the memory of Matthieu Claus.

Photo credit:  Varaz  – Facebook

The label Nie Wieder Schlafen presents a special vinyl release by Belgian live artist Varaz entitled ‘MTHCLS’. This EP serves as a heartfelt tribute to the memory of Matthieu Claus, whose inspiration was instrumental in its creation.

Varaz sets the mood on the A-side of the record with two ambient tracks, taking listeners on a captivating sonic journey pressed on white marbled wax. The EP opens with ‘Agora,’ an ethereal and textured ambient soundscape that invites thoughtful contemplation. The artist skillfully blends tones and soundscapes to create a serene atmosphere. Following this, ‘All I Hear’ weaves a sonic tapestry that exudes tranquility.

Moving to the B-side, ‘Perfume’ introduces a deep house groove characterized by a mesmerizing bassline rhythm. Whispers of vocals add an air of mystery and allure. The EP reaches its climactic peak with ‘Cloud9,’ a dreamy composition featuring lush pad hits, intricate percussion, and subtle background details. As the journey nears its end, ‘5tuck in a Loop’ treats listeners to a vibrant dancefloor tune infused with nostalgic synth vibes.

Listen to Varaz’s  ‘MTHCLS’ below and download your copy here.

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