Ninja Tune CEO temporarily steps back amid allegations

Ninja Tune CEO temporarily steps back amid allegations

An independent HR firm will conduct the investigation, with findings released within legal limits.

Ninja Tune, the renowned British record label, is initiating an internal review in response to recent accusations against its CEO, Adrian Kemp. Kemp has elected to momentarily step back from his role during the duration of the investigation.

This update came to light through an internal memo seen by Resident Advisor. Ninja Tune has affirmed Kemp’s decision to reduce his role while an independent HR firm takes over the investigation. The exact nature of the allegations against Kemp remains undisclosed. Starting immediately, Samantha Sissons, Head of Marketing, and Tess Kendall, Head of Marketing Operations, will step in to take over leadership duties.

According to the company’s statement, the findings of the investigation will be made public when the review concludes, keeping in mind any legal limitations. Despite his reduced role, Kemp will continue to back Sissons and Kendall.

Ninja Tune, established in London in 1990, is one of the most successful independent labels in the dance music scene. Kemp, a veteran at the label for over two decades, has been serving as CEO since 2017 as per Companies House records.

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