NOYA: “It is very, very important to have representation for all genders”

NOYA: “It is very, very important to have representation for all genders”

NOYA is a rising talent from Tel Aviv’s underground music scene. Despite her recent debut in 2018, NOYA’s presence behind the decks has quickly propelled her to the forefront of the local circuit.

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Known for her fusion of electronica, house, and acid, NOYA’s sets offer a journey through sound, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in a sonic experience.

Having played at venues and festivals such as Forum Club, DGTL, and Port2Port, NOYA’s ascent has been marked by her refreshing approach and undeniable charisma. With an optimistic demeanor and an infectious passion for music, she has garnered acclaim for her ability to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression. Beyond her music, NOYA actively promotes industry diversity, spearheading initiatives like the Gender Blender series.

In this interview, we delve into NOYA’s love for music, her ongoing projects, her unique collaborations with brands like Adidas, and her aspirations as she continues to make her mark in the global music scene.

EG: Hi NOYA, and welcome to EG. Where are you right now?

NOYA: Hi, I’m in Tel Aviv right now.

EG: What can you tell us about your career in Tel Aviv? What initially drew you to DJing, and how did you develop your style?

NOYA: For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be a DJ. I think I was about 12 years old. While everyone was admiring singers and bands, I admired Offer Nissim, the Israeli DJ star. My style developed from my huge love for music, which still evolves daily. I love to discover new music, artists, and styles.

EG: Your journey into music started with your older brother introducing you to electronic music at a young age. How do you think this early exposure influenced your musical tastes and career path?

NOYA: He was the kickstart for my love for electronic music, but my taste has evolved since then. I believe that the longer you do something, the more you learn and grow.

EG: You mentioned that seeing women DJing for the first time planted the seed of ambition in you. How important do you think the representation of women in music is, and what challenges have you faced as a female DJ in the industry?

NOYA: It is very, very important to have representation for all genders—male, female, trans, and more! I also have an event series called Gender Blender that focuses exactly on this. We need diversity in this world; women are amazing artists and DJs, and there should be no issue with booking diverse lineups.

“As soon as I stand in front of the decks, I forget everything and am only in the moment”

EG: How would you describe your sets? What goes through your mind when you’re behind the decks, and how do you connect with your audience?

NOYA: It’s difficult to describe musically, but I can describe the vibe. Maybe I like to play with very high energy. I love to dance, and when people dance, I love house music, so there are a lot of house influences. As soon as I stand in front of the decks, I forget everything and am only in the moment, playing music and watching people dance to it. I connect with the audience usually through dance; I almost don’t have time to look at the crowd when I am mixing.

EG: You’ve been able to perform at some prestigious venues and festivals. What have been some of the most memorable moments from these experiences, and how have they shaped your career?

NOYA: One of my most special sets was just a couple of weeks ago when I played b2b with Gordo in Peru at his Taraka event. It was one for the books. We just celebrated one year for our Gender Blender party, which was so exciting to play for my home crowd that I love so much.

EG: Beyond music, you’re also involved in projects like Gender Blender party founder and international collaborations with brands like Adidas and Jägermeister. How do these experiences outside of DJing contribute to your overall creative expression?

NOYA: With Adidas, it’s a long love story. Since the beginning, I have worn only Adidas to my shows, so when they approached me, collaborating with my favorite brand was a dream come true. As mentioned above, Gender Blender is my party series that I love a lot. I like to collaborate with brands when their goal is to spread music and creativity.

EG: Looking ahead, what are some of your goals and aspirations as an artist? How do you envision your career evolving in the coming years?

NOYA: I am investing much of my time in the studio and working on many tracks I would like to release soon. I would like to start my international career and play as much as I can worldwide.

“Believe in yourself, and don’t give up even when it seems hard and sometimes impossible”

EG: Lastly, what advice would you give to aspiring DJs and producers, especially those looking to break into the industry?

NOYA: Believe in yourself, and don’t give up even when it seems hard and sometimes impossible. Spread your love and good energy, and help others to succeed with you.

EG: Thanks for your time, and all the best!

NOYA: Thank you for having me!

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