OFFAIAH and David Penn unveil new collaboration ‘Satisfied’

OFFAIAH and David Penn unveil new collaboration ‘Satisfied’

Now available via Toolroom.

DJs and music producers, OFFAIAH and David Penn, have collaborated to create a new dynamic track aptly named ‘Satisfied,’ now available on Toolroom.

‘Satisfied’ stands out with its powerful beat and rhythmic bassline, creating a lively atmosphere from start to finish. The track’s energizing spirit is fueled by underlying piano tones and rhythmic sonic elements. The piano chord progression during a breakdown further amplifies the energy, culminating in a strong drop.

David Penn, an experienced producer with a reputation for potent House beats, has built a substantial audience across multiple streaming platforms. His leading tracks showcase a constant evolution within the genre. Meanwhile, OFFAIAH, despite a non-stop rhythm of releases and gigs, stands out for his distinctive sound.

Listen to ‘Satisfied’ below and download your copy here.

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