OFFAIAH remixes Mistier’s ‘Headspace’ – Electronic Groove

OFFAIAH remixes Mistier’s ‘Headspace’ – Electronic Groove

Now available through Mistier Music.

Photo credit: OFFAIAH – Official

DJ and producer OFFAIAH has returned with his latest dance remix of Mistier’s popular track, ‘Headspace.’

In this new version, OFFAIAH injects a burst of energy into the original cut, showcasing a memorable hook, a driving bassline, and intricate rhythmic elements. The vocals take center stage, blending with melodies, subtle build-ups, and pulsating beats.

OFFAIAH is known for his unique and innovative style. His music and infectious energy have led to collaborations with acclaimed artists like Eli Brown and Layton Giordani on the chart-topping single ‘When I Push’. He has also made a significant impact on the DJing scene, performing at top venues such as The Brooklyn Mirage, Splash House, and Printworks London.

Listen to ‘Headspace’ (OFFAIAH Remix) below and grab your copy here.

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