Parra For Cuva presents fifth studio album ‘Mimose’

Parra For Cuva presents fifth studio album ‘Mimose’

The LP displays his blend of classical, jazz, and hip-hop.

Photo credit: Parra For Cuva – Website

Electronic musician and instrumentalist, Parra For Cuva, has launched his fifth studio album, ‘Mimose’. This LP  draws inspiration from various cultures and landscapes.

In addition to the title track ‘Mimose’, the album features notable pieces such as ‘Let It Burn’, ‘Pinie’, and the standout track ‘Stellar’. The latter was conceived during a trip to Corsica, blossoming into a melodic downtempo piece with dreamy undertones, vibrant vocals, and a choir.

Parra For Cuva’s music fuses a variety of influences, blending elements of classical, jazz, and hip-hop within the Berlin electronic music scene. ‘Mimose’ delves into emotional depths and energetic peaks, featuring uplifting vocals, enchanting basslines, and collaborative endeavors.

Listen to ‘Mimose’ below and get your copy here.

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