Parra for Cuva releases ‘Mimose’ single from upcoming album

Parra for Cuva releases ‘Mimose’ single from upcoming album

The single is now available through his own imprint.

Photo credit: Max Hartmann

Parra for Cuva recently released his latest single entitled  ‘Mimose’. This track serves as a preview for his upcoming album, which shares the same name.

Parra for Cuva’s music is a fusion of dance floor experiments, acoustic melodies, and ethnic soundscapes. It takes listeners on a journey to distant lands, skillfully blending Caribbean steel drums with ancient Zimbabwean instruments.

In addition to the album, the artist is currently working on a new live show that will debut in Europe. Tickets for the first leg of the tour are now available here.

Listen to ‘Mimose’ below and get your copy here.

Pre-order ‘Mimose’ album here.


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