Paul van Dyk and DJ Pierre collaborate on ‘ACID TRAXXX’

Paul van Dyk and DJ Pierre collaborate on ‘ACID TRAXXX’

Out now via VANDIT Alternative.

Photo credit:  Paul van Dyk / DJ Pierre – Official

Paul van Dyk and DJ Pierre have collaborated to create ‘ACID TRAXXX,’ out now under VANDIT Alternative.

‘ACID TRAXXX’ combines DJ Pierre’s innovative acid house sounds with Paul van Dyk’s infectious energy. It bridges the gap between classic and contemporary styles, drawing inspiration from PHUTURE’s iconic ‘Acid Tracks’ from 1987 and delivering a unique auditory experience. The track seamlessly blends signature 303 basslines and squelchy synthesizers of acid house with uplifting melodies and driving beats.

Paul van Dyk expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Working with DJ Pierre has been a dream come true. Our aim was to create a track that pays homage to the roots of electronic music while pushing boundaries and taking listeners on a captivating sonic journey.”

DJ Pierre commented, “Teaming up with Paul has been an incredible experience. ‘ACID TRAXXX’ is a fusion of our musical worlds, capturing the essence of what both of us represent.”

To celebrate the release, Paul van Dyk and DJ Pierre will be featured on the ‘Evolution Of Electronic Music’  panel, taking place at Our House Museum in Amsterdam on October 20th, 2023 as part of this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event.

Listen to ‘ACID TRAXXX’ below and get your copy here.

Get your tickets for the ‘Evolution Of Electronic Music’ at ADE  here.

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