Peggy Gou’s Gudu Records launches new EP series featuring Dukwa

Peggy Gou’s Gudu Records launches new EP series featuring Dukwa

The Club Gudu series begins with Dukwa’s ‘Take Me Away’, a teaser for his upcoming EP ‘Mental Fortitude’.

Photo Credit: Dukwa – Facebook

Peggy Gou’s Gudu Records introduces Club Gudu, a new EP series for dance singles designed for club settings, providing artists an avenue to explore dancefloor genres.

Kicking off this fresh series, Club Gudu 001, is Florence-based Dukwa with his single ‘Take Me Away’. This tune is a sneak peek from his forthcoming EP ‘Mental Fortitude’, due to drop on March 28. Pre-order here.

With the likes of Solomun, Ben UFO, Pete Tong, Seth Troxler, and Peggy Gou already singing his praises, Dukwa is a familiar face in the Gudu family. His past offerings include the 2022 EP ‘Matter of Time’ and a feature on the 2023 compilation ‘Gudu & Friends’. His new EP shines a light on his minimalist yet finely-tuned musical style.

In Dukwa’s words, “How a photographer captures memories in photos, I do the same with music. I recorded these tracks during a very strange period of my life, full of changes. I was trying to ‘Take Me Away’ from a ‘Digital Forest’ I had fallen into, unable to clearly see what was happening around me. Then I found ‘The Hedge’, I crossed it, and I realised it was just my life that once again proved to me that I am stronger than I think. Life is wonderful.”

Since its 2019 launch with Peggy Gou’s ‘Starry Night’, Gudu Records has grown into a dance music giant. 2023 was a pivotal year, marked by releases from artists like Special Request & Novelist.

Listen to ‘Take Me Away’ below and grab your copy here.

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