Percebes Música releases VA compilation ‘CONVERSOR’

Percebes Música releases VA compilation ‘CONVERSOR’

Including 8 new original tracks.

Photo credit: Percebes – Bandcamp

Percebes Música has recently released ‘CONVERSOR,’ a compilation album featuring various artists. Breaking away from tradition, the collection intentionally omits individual author credits. Instead, it focuses on track titles, lengths, and BPM. This approach highlights the collective essence of the music and seeks to minimize the significance of individual ego.

The album pushes the boundaries of electronic music, featuring timeless deep house sounds from Daino, Larry Quest, Poko, and label head Ka§par, vibrant African rhythms from Hélder Russo, Moreno Ácido, and Terra Chã, and infectious UK Garage beats from Cyclonix. It even pays homage to the golden age of drum’n’bass with Al:X’s contribution.

Purchasing the physical vinyl record grants owners access to the complete digital version of the LP. It also includes full EP releases, with six out of the eight tracks extracted. To take advantage of this exclusive offer, interested individuals can contact the label through their social media platforms.

Listen to ‘CONVERSOR’ below and download your copy here.


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