Portable shares his first studio album, ‘Augmented Dreams’

Portable shares his first studio album, ‘Augmented Dreams’

Released under Circus Company label.

Photo credit:  Mikael Benard

Alan Abrahams, also known as Portable, has released his latest full-length LP titled ‘Augmented Dreams’ under the Circus Company label.

The album’s title reflects the use of everyday technological advancements to bring dreams and visions from the past into reality. With an exploratory concept that blurs the line between science fiction and reality, this album combines elements of house, minimal, and electronica genres.

From the opening track ‘The Pull of Time’ to the grooves of ‘Begin Again’ and the lead single ‘Guiding Me’, Portable effortlessly blends sci-fi beats in tracks like ‘Parallax’ and ‘The Color of Static’. The album also features Detroit-influenced gems like ‘Beacon’ and ‘The Mycorrhizal Network’, as well as the politically-inspired ‘Are We Not Above It?’ with vocals by NiQ E from South Africa and flute by L_cio from Brazil. The dreamy duet ‘I Need You’ adds a touch of futuristic pop elegance before the album concludes with the title track.

Listen to ‘Augmented Dreams’ below and download your copy here.

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