re:abel presents 3-track EP ‘Otherside’

re:abel presents 3-track EP ‘Otherside’

Now available via Mammal Sounds Records.

Photo credit: Uliana Kusik

Melbourne-based artist Ryan Gasparini, who recently emerged onto the music scene, has just unveiled his latest EP titled ‘Otherside’ as part of his project re:able.

The lead track, ‘Otherside’, presents a more delicate and intricate side to Gasparini’s production style. It incorporates ethereal vocals, gentle percussion, and rich synth textures. As the track progresses, it introduces sub-bass, a pulsating kick, and captivating arpeggio sequences. The chopped and reverberating vocals take center stage, providing an immersive listening experience.

According to re:abel, “Through this latest EP, I aimed to create three tracks that capture different aspects of my musical inspirations. Each song possesses a distinct mood while remaining interconnected, firmly rooted in the realm of emotional electronic and UK-influenced dance music. The kind of music that evokes a mix of wistful melancholy, yet fills you with inspiration and hope.”

Gasparini’s sound can be described as a fusion of Overmono, Burial, and Joy Orbison, resulting in a unique blend of Future/UK Garage electronica.

Listen to ‘Otherside’ below and get your copy here.

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