Reborn Project presents Borella b2b Armen Miran

Reborn Project presents Borella b2b Armen Miran

Reborn Project, the brainchild of acclaimed artist Armen Miran, is set to host a special event in Toronto on May 3rd, featuring a much-anticipated performance by Borella. The event marks Borella’s return to her hometown after relocating to Berlin, and it is poised to offer a unique musical experience to attendees.

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Founded on the principle that music has the power to evoke transformative experiences, Reborn Project has garnered recognition for its distinct approach to event curation and music production. Reborn Project has cultivated a dedicated following worldwide with a focus on high-quality music and minimalist production aesthetics.

Borella’s homecoming show holds significance as she reconnects with her roots in Toronto. The event will showcase her talent alongside Armen Miran in a rare back-to-back performance from open to close. This format promises an immersive journey through unique mixes and diverse musical influences.

Borella told us, “Reborn holds a very dear place for me.   Armen and I have played together in Los Angeles, Mexico, and Toronto; every time, it was beyond special. It is hard to put in words, but I’m sure it will be expressed through our music.”

Armen Miran, the visionary behind the Reborn Project, has expressed his excitement about the event, emphasizing the project’s commitment to pushing boundaries and fostering artistic expression. With successful events held in various international locations, including New York City, Tulum, Mexico, and Istanbul, Turkey, Reborn Project continues establishing itself as a leading force in the electronic music scene.

Attendees can anticipate an evening of musical exploration and sonic rejuvenation as Borella and Armen Miran showcase their collaborative prowess on stage. The event underscores Reborn Project’s dedication to creating unforgettable experiences through music.

Reborn Toronto is hosted by local events groups Secret Society and Spread The Love.  For more information and ticket purchases, visit the official event website.

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