Recondite releases new single ‘Dust’

Recondite releases new single ‘Dust’

Now available on his own label, Plangent Records.

Photo credit: Recondite – Instagram

Recondite recently released his latest single, ‘Dust’, which is the fourth installment in his ‘The Indifferent Series’ project on his record label, Plangent Records.

‘Dust’ offers a rich sound, providing a captivating experience that evokes tension and drama. The track begins with a moody atmosphere, where different musical elements combine with infectious grooves. As the song progresses, energetic chords enhance the momentum, leading to a climax and snare loops.

In 2023, Recondite introduced ‘The Indifferent Series’, showcasing his ongoing artistic expression. This year, he continues to release individual tracks that will eventually form a 10-track album.

Listen to ‘Dust’ below and download your copy here.

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