Roland and UMG partner to shape AI’s role in music industry

Roland and UMG partner to shape AI’s role in music industry

The manifesto ‘Principles for Music Creation with AI’ highlights responsible AI use for creativity, safeguarding human works, and emphasizing transparency and artists’ perspectives.

Roland and Universal Music Group (UMG) have announced a strategic partnership, introducing a manifesto, ‘Principles for Music Creation with AI’. These guidelines aim to shape AI’s role in music creation, promoting them in the music industry and creative community.

The partnership also plans a joint R&D hub, focusing on music ownership and origin tracking, and integrating Roland’s advanced products into UMG’s production facilities.

The principles outlined in the manifesto include:

– Music as humanity’s core.
– The interplay between humanity and music.
– Responsible use of AI as a tool to enhance creativity.
– Respect and protection for human-created works.
– Necessity of transparency to foster trustworthy AI.
– The importance of artists’ and creators’ viewpoints.
– Pride in facilitating music creation.

Debate on AI’s role in music has escalated recently, with issues like ownership, creativity, and rights becoming contentious. Despite initiatives like the Human Artistry Campaign, artists’ views on AI remain divided, with a survey revealing over half of producers are reluctant to disclose their use of AI.

Discover more about the ‘Principles for Music Creation with AI’ manifesto here.

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