Rone to premiere ‘L(oo)ping’ with the London Contemporary Orchestra

Rone to premiere ‘L(oo)ping’ with the London Contemporary Orchestra

Also, will showcase a full-length movie directed by Louise Narboni.

Photo credit: Cha Gonzalez

French music producer Rone is scheduled to premiere his album ‘L(oo)ping’ at London’s Barbican Centre on March 10th, 2024. Collaborating with the London Contemporary Orchestra, conducted by Robert Ames, Rone will bring his album to life on stage, following successful concerts at the Philharmonie de Paris and L’Auditorium of Lyon.

The creation of ‘L(oo)ping’ came about when Rone started working with arranger Romain Allender. Together, they handpicked tracks from the artist’s repertoire that were suitable for symphonic reinterpretations, captivating audiences and critics alike during live performances in France. Notably, the album includes ‘Tikkoun,’ the theme song from the series ‘D’argent et de sang,’ for which Rone released the soundtrack in the same year.

Conductor Robert Ames, who is also a co-founder of the London Contemporary Orchestra, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “I have been a fan of Rone since first hearing his album Spanish Breakfast. ‘L(oo)ping’ is a true fusion of electronic and acoustic soundscapes, which will showcase the full range of the London Contemporary Orchestra’s talents.”

In addition to being released as an album, ‘L(oo)ping’ has also been transformed into a feature-length film. Directed by Louise Narboni, the film presents Rone’s live performance with the National Orchestra of Lyon.

Watch the ‘L(oo)ping’ film by Arte below and get your tickets here.

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