Safer States initiative: Enhancing nightlife drug safety in the UK

Safer States initiative: Enhancing nightlife drug safety in the UK

The project seeks to improve nightlife safety, imparting critical harm-reduction knowledge and addressing drug usage stigma.

The UK has recently seen the launch of Safer States, a new initiative aimed at drug safety. This project aims to enhance safety during nightlife activities, providing crucial harm-reduction knowledge and tackling the stigma around drug usage.

Safer States plans to provide much-needed information about popular recreational drugs like MDMA, cocaine, ketamine, and nitrous oxide. This is a collaborative effort bringing together various nightlife associations, including the Good Night Out Campaign, Release—a charity specializing in drug laws, Safe Only Ltd—a charity providing welfare for the queer community, and The Love Tank, a non-profit promoting wellness.

Emphasizing the significance of this initiative, Andre Gomes from Release said, “Most of the harms around drug use can be reduced if people are given the information and tools to stay safe, and while our government continues to criminalize drugs and people’s ability to ensure their wellbeing, we need to step up our game and protect our own community.”

For more in-depth information, check Safer States website.

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