Sam Don announces new compilation, ‘Just A Touch’

Sam Don announces new compilation, ‘Just A Touch’

The LP is set to be released on October 13th.

Photo credit: Sam Don – Official

London-based DJ and curator Sam Don is preparing to release his highly anticipated LP ‘Just A Touch’ on October 13th. The album’s first single, titled ‘What You Do For Me’, is already available.

Known for his successful compilation ‘For The Love Of You’, Don delves deep into the world of underground UK soul music with ‘Just A Touch’.

‘What You Do For Me’, the album’s first single by Pure Silk, is a skillfully produced blend of street soul, reminiscent of the iconic styles of Neneh Cherry and Sade.

Sam Don, the creative force behind this compilation, shares his inspiration for the project: “While soul music is often associated with the US, the UK has carved its own distinct path within the genre, drawing from its diverse cultural influences and musical styles. ‘Just A Touch’ was born out of a spontaneous idea, nurtured at home while exploring my record collection. As I immersed myself in the music and discovered the incredible talent behind it, the album took shape.”

Listen to ‘What You Do For Me’ below, and pre-order the full compilation ‘Just A Touch’ here.

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