Sam Litchfield presents new ‘Tim Sun’ project with debut single

Sam Litchfield presents new ‘Tim Sun’ project with debut single

‘Tim Sun’ indicates a new, creative phase in Sam’s career, moving away from ‘Litche’.

Photo Credit: Tim Sun – Official

Australian music producer Sam Litchfield, previously known as ‘Litche’, is starting a new chapter in his career under the pseudonym ‘Tim Sun.’ His debut single ‘Passerby’ marks a significant transition in his musical journey.

In ‘Passerby,’ Sam explores new territories by blending electronica with breaks and bass, a departure from his past work in various genres.

Sam’s music is inspired by his harmonious interactions with nature and his daily adventures with his loyal dog, Harley. His runs, accompanied by experimental electronic music, often spark new ideas. The music he creates captures the euphoria similar to the ‘runner’s high’ he regularly experiences.

The ‘Tim Sun’ project signifies a new phase in Sam’s music career, marking a shift from his ‘Litche’ era and an exploration into new creative domains.

Listen to ‘Passerby’ below and download your copy here.

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