SAQIB & Nhii link up for ‘Electric Solar Propulsion Engine’

SAQIB & Nhii link up for ‘Electric Solar Propulsion Engine’

Available now via Beats On Time

In a groundbreaking collaboration, two musical engineers, SAQIB and Nhii, have unveiled their latest track titled ‘Electric Solar Loop Propulsion Engine’.

Their new drop, ‘Electric Solar Propulsion Engine’, is a captivating composition that takes listeners on a sonic journey. One year ago, in Brooklyn, New York, these two cosmic travelers crafted a musical blueprint that revealed the design of a solar loop propulsion engine – a cosmic design for humanity’s journey beyond this world.

SAQIB, a DJ and producer based in Brooklyn, NYC, is known for his unique musical background and dancefloor prowess. He has affiliations with platforms like Blond:ish’s Abracadabra and NYC’s ebb + flow, and his releases consistently perform well on the Beatport charts. SAQIB has also performed at prestigious venues and events in NYC, sharing the stage with notable artists.

On the other hand, Nhii represents an infinite journey of musical growth with no boundaries in a universal context. His music transcends genres and serves as a vessel for the exchange of human love and emotion.

Listen to ‘Electric Solar Propulsion Engine’ below and download your copy here.

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