Sasha makes his debut on Crosstown Rebels remixing ‘The Last Song’

Sasha makes his debut on Crosstown Rebels remixing ‘The Last Song’

The track is part of Pale Blue’s latest album ‘Maria’ released earlier this year.

Photo credit: Sasha – Official

DJ and producer Sasha has released his debut on Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels label with a fresh remix of Pale Blue’s captivating track ‘The Last Song’.

Sasha’s remix of ‘The Last Song’ showcases his unique approach to reimagining the original song, with vocals by Liz taking center stage. The remix features smooth percussion grooves, sweeping leads, and resonant synth stabs, creating a delicate yet fluid late-night atmosphere.

Expressing his excitement about remixing for Crosstown Rebels, Sasha shares, “I absolutely loved the Pale Blue album when it came out earlier this year. Its spiritual and introspective sound drew me in, and ‘The Last Song’ reminded me of the Julee Cruise music from the 90s that was often featured in ambient room mixes. In this mix, I have aimed to preserve the rawness of the original song while infusing it with some of that 90s hedonistic energy.”

Listen to ‘The Last Song (Sasha Remixes)’ below and download your copy here.

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