Sasson remixes James Mac & Vall’s ‘The Boy Is Mine’

Sasson remixes James Mac & Vall’s ‘The Boy Is Mine’

Now available to stream and download.

Photo credit: Sasson – Instagram

Sweat it Out label recently released the Sasson Remix of James Mac & Vall’s ‘The Boy Is Mine’. Originally a forward-thinking afro-house reinterpretation of the R&B classic by James Mac and Vall, it quickly gained momentum and popularity.

Sasson’s remarkable remix takes the original to new heights, adding sophistication, a larger soundscape, a darker ambiance, and an irresistible pulsating energy.

Esteemed DJs such as Adam Port, Rampa, &ME, Seth Troxler, and afro house legend Black Coffee have wholeheartedly embraced the track, ensuring its widespread recognition and solidifying its status as a genuine hit.

Listen to ‘The Boy Is Mine’ Sasson Remix below and get your own copy here.

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