Siamese Records presents ‘What’ by Yet More

Siamese Records presents ‘What’ by Yet More

A three-track EP including Assayag collaboration.

Photo credit: Yet More – Facebook

Siamese Records is pleased to present their latest EP by  Yet More. Entitled ‘What,’ this three-track release showcases the musical talent of the French artist.

The musical package begins with the track ‘What.’ Once the tech drums and vocal loops kick in, listeners are drawn into a reflective state. The synths seamlessly blend in, adding depth to the composition.

Next is ‘Y’All Feel That,’ an innovative piece that highlights captivating drum sounds and trance-like chords. This cut combines brightness and emotion, creating a captivating atmosphere with a futuristic touch.

Closing the EP is ‘Human Nature,’ a raw and heartfelt composition that features indie vocals and chords. The track is driven by snares and creates an inviting atmosphere.

Listen to ‘What’ below and download your copy here.

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