Soulful sounds and melodic bliss with Rey&Kjavik

Soulful sounds and melodic bliss with Rey&Kjavik

The mix features SIS, Yor Kultura, Dennis Cruz, Skoko, Notre Dame, James Flower, and more.

Photo credit: Stipe Brau

DJ and producer Alexander Schomann, better known as Rey&Kjavik, has recently unveiled his newest mix for Electronic Groove. The EG AFTER.132 episode is now available to stream on EG’s Soundcloud and Mixcloud platforms.

Hailing from Offenbach, Germany, Rey&Kjavik has made a name for himself in the house and electronic music scenes. His musical style seamlessly blends organic, tech, and deep house elements, creating a harmonious fusion of sounds. With every beat, his rhythms transport listeners on a journey through his vast soundscapes, while delicate melodic motifs blossom and set the stage for an unforgettable musical experience.

Rey&Kjavik’s talent shines in clubs like Watergate and Scorpios, as well as at events like Burning-Man and Fusion. His performances offer a spiritual and uplifting experience, taking listeners on a transcendent voyage through the infinite universe of music.

Listen to EG AFTER.132 below and find more information here.

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