Space Riccione confirms the return of Carl Cox for opening party

Space Riccione confirms the return of Carl Cox for opening party

The event is scheduled for Sunday, June 2nd.

Photo credit: Carl Cox – Official

Following the initial announcement, Space Riccione, the legendary venue originally from Ibiza, has confirmed that Carl Cox will be headlining its opening fiesta on Sunday, June 2nd, 2024.

Situated in the vibrant area of Riccione, Italy, well-known for its rich electronic music history, Space is making a comeback in a brand new form. Previously recognized six times as the “best club in the world,” Space has undergone a transformation into a versatile club and festival venue.

The newly renovated Space Riccione, a club and festival venue for the new generation, consists of three spacious areas: Arena, Garden, and Terrace. It will provide a flexible space for concerts and live performances, both during the day and night.

Fabrizio De Meis, the COO of Space Riccione, expressed his excitement for the new era, stating, “The new era of Space will offer a wonderful and unique experience. We are delighted to present our vision of a cutting-edge club-meets-festival venue.” Pepe Rosello, the owner of the Space brand, shared his joy in extending the 27-year history of Space Ibiza to Riccione, an iconic destination that embodies pure entertainment.

For more information and tickets visit its website here.

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