Spanish duo MËSTIZA release debut album ‘QUËRELES’

Spanish duo MËSTIZA release debut album ‘QUËRELES’

The LP is now available through Sacro Music.

Photo credit: MËSTIZA – Official

MËSTIZA, the Spanish duo known for blending dance music and Flamenco, has released their debut album titled ‘QUËRELES’, which is now available through their own label, Sacro Music.

‘QUËRELES’ serves as an introduction to MËSTIZA’s unique artistic universe, showcasing their creative vision through twelve tracks that combine the passion and melancholy of flamenco and Spanish roots with the energy and hedonism of house and electronic music.

‘QUËRELES’ is a harmonious fusion of flamenco roots and sophisticated electronics. The duo collaborates with renowned flamenco and roots artists such as Reyes Carrasco on the track ‘ESTRELLA,’ Argentina on ‘LÁGRIMAS,’ Chambao on ‘MIS OJOS,’ and promising talents like Jose del Curro on ‘SOLEÁ DE LAS CAVILACIONES.’ Additionally, they join forces with Aaron Sevilla for the track ‘EL FLAMENCO.’

With the release of ‘QUËRELES’, MËSTIZA aims to solidify, expand, and elevate their creative project.

Listen to ‘QUËRELES’ below and get your copy here.

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