SpheraQ releases debut album ‘Get Loud’

SpheraQ releases debut album ‘Get Loud’

Now available through Bush Doctor Recordings.

Photo credit: SpheraQ – Facebook

Bush Doctor Recordings is excited to announce the release of ‘Get Loud,’ the debut album from SpheraQ.

‘Get Loud’ showcases SpheraQ’s skills in creating immersive deep house soundscapes. The LP features collaborations that blend emotive vocals and palpable synergy. It offers a diverse range of tracks, from electrifying openers to introspective pieces, inviting listeners to explore their deepest emotions.

This collection delivers a deep, danceable groove. The artist remains true to the essence of deep house while also pushing boundaries, resulting in a familiar yet refreshingly innovative soundscape.

Returning with a fresh perspective, SpheraQ has been redefining the landscape of deep house music. His unique fusion of rhythmic beats and soulful melodies sets him apart.

Listen to ‘Get Loud’ below and get your copy here.

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