Strath announces ‘I Thought It Would Never End’, shares first single

Strath announces ‘I Thought It Would Never End’, shares first single

The EP will be released on 19th April under Godmode.

Photo credit: Strath – Official

Australian DJ and music producer Strath is set to release his new EP, ‘I Thought It Would Never End’. This will be released under the Godmode label on 19th April, 2024. The artist also shared the single ‘Oh California’, along with its music video, as a sneak peek.

‘I Thought It Would Never End’ comprises six synth-dance tracks that highlight Strath’s skill in blending genres and featuring diverse styles and moods. ‘Oh California’ resonates with echoing vocals and reverberating instrumentals, while ‘Don’t Hold Your Breath’ provides a relaxed vibe with house elements. ‘In Your Corner’ leans towards pop, and ‘In Another Life’ and ‘One Last Time’ exude a frenetic energy that Strath is renowned for.

‘I Thought It Would Never End’ is a loosely conceptual EP designed to take you on a surreal rollercoaster ride. Though the music is dance-forward, I never want club structure constraints to override the opportunity for storytelling, my real passion. I spend most of my time balancing this. I want people to immerse themselves in this world as I did. But be cautious, as, like me, you’ll likely emerge as a different person from the one who entered,” Strath commented.

Originally from Melbourne and currently based in London, Strath is known for his intricate production style. His music is often compared to that of Fred Again, Floating Points, and Overmono. He kick-started his career in Los Angeles, producing for artists like Channel Tres and PawPaw Rod. Now, he focuses on his own project.

Watch and listen to ‘Oh California’ below, and download your copy here.

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