Subject 13 teams up with Dephree for ‘Bad Thing’

Subject 13 teams up with Dephree for ‘Bad Thing’

Now available via R&S Records.

Photo credit: SpheraQ – Facebook

London-based producer Subject 13 has recently released his latest single, ‘Bad Thing’, featuring LA rapper Dephree. The cut is now available on R&S Records, accompanied by a music video.

Subject 13, also known as David Stewart, is renowned for his contributions to the UK music scene. In this hip-hop production, he combines heavy, metallic beats, while Dephree’s powerful lead vocals add an extra layer of energy and intensity to the track.

‘Bad Thing’ offers a sneak peek of Subject 13’s upcoming full-length album, set to be released on R&S Records later this year. Additionally, Subject 13 plans to relaunch his own Vibez Recordings label in 2024.

Watch and listen to ‘Bad Thing’ below and download your copy here.

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