Sui Zhen releases ‘Sleepless’, a sonic journey through grief

Sui Zhen releases ‘Sleepless’, a sonic journey through grief

Available through Cascine and Dot Dash.

Photo credit: Agnieszka Chabros

Australian alternative pop artist, Sui Zhen, returns with her latest single, ‘Sleepless,’ released under her long-standing record labels, Cascine and Dot Dash.

Born out of personal loss, ‘Sleepless’ serves as a tribute to human resilience. Zhen conceived the song during her mother’s passing, and it further evolved following the loss of her newborn son in 2021, transforming into a powerful healing anthem.

The 13-minute  song guides listeners through the profound depths of grief. It combines spoken words, melodic hooks, synths, distorted guitars, and a mix of electronic and live percussion, drawing influences from post-punk and krautrock.

Zhen describes ‘Sleepless’ as a real-time medium for grieving. It evolved from a 2019 vocal improvisation into a sonic exploration of grief and endurance. Mixed and mastered by Nao Anzai, the song encapsulates Zhen’s emotional journey.

Listen to ‘Sleepless’ below and download your copy here.


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