Superparka present ‘quatro’, their new LP

Superparka present ‘quatro’, their new LP

Blending together indie, lo-fi hip-hop, and electronica genres.

Photo Credit: Florine Hill

Parisian duo Superparka has returned with their highly anticipated new album, ‘quatro.’, which is now available to stream and download via Grand Musique Management.

Paco and Simon, the ‘two chill dudes living in Paris,’ have created a unique and genre-blending masterpiece consisting of nine tracks. This project seamlessly combines elements of indie, lo-fi hip-hop, electronica, and psychedelic groove, drawing inspiration from video game soundtracks.

This nine-track LP showcases Superparka’s experimental approach and artistic vision. Exploring themes of isolation in modern society and embracing the randomness of the universe, Paco and Simon collaborated with Taiwanese visual artist Lulu Lin and French director Pablo Padovani (aka Moodoid) to bring their surreal futuristic Western aesthetic to life.

Listen to ‘quatro’ below and download your copy here.

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