Support Ibiza legend DJ Alfredo on medical expenses via GoFundMe

Support Ibiza legend DJ Alfredo on medical expenses via GoFundMe

He suffered a stroke in 2021 and has been living in a retirement home receiving medical care.

Photo Credit: DJ Alfredo – Facebook

In a remarkable demonstration of solidarity and support, a fundraising campaign has been launched via GoFundMe. The campaign’s objective is to aid in covering the medical expenses of the esteemed Balearic music legend, DJ Alfredo, also known as Alfredo Fiorito.

DJ Alfredo, a cherished icon of Ibiza, unfortunately suffered a stroke in 2021. The 71-year-old has since been residing in a retirement home, receiving ongoing medical care.

An individual known as Secret DJ has taken the initiative to lead this fundraising effort. The goal is to alleviate the financial strain on DJ Alfredo and his son, Jaime Fiorito, by raising funds to cover the duo’s persistent medical and retirement expenses.

In an earnest appeal on the GoFundMe page, Secret DJ expressed, “Many of you already helped, but private healthcare is an ongoing cost. Alfredo is well looked after, but for that to continue we need his friends to support his cause. Some will be used to help Alfredo live in more comfort. Some will be used to take him outside and get some air.”

The campaign seeks to raise a total of £30,000. Secret DJ has shared that Alfredo’s yearly care expenses stand around £12,000, so any surplus would be allocated to his future care needs.

Contributions can be made through the GoFundMe campaign here.

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