TCE Presents and Broadwick announce new transatlantic partnership

TCE Presents and Broadwick announce new transatlantic partnership

This collaboration seeks to introduce innovative projects to North America.

TCE Presents, a top-tier event design firm in New York, and Broadwick, a distinguished UK culture group, have unveiled a joint venture. This collaboration is anticipated to introduce innovative projects and fresh perspectives to the North American live events landscape.

This transatlantic partnership seeks to reshape the perception and experience of live events. It will harness the unique capabilities and extensive expertise of both parties to deliver unparalleled experiences in North America. More information about this promising partnership will be shared in due course.

For the past decade, TCE Presents has revolutionized New York’s nightlife, organizing large-scale events in distinctive venues and managing over 150 shows annually, including prestigious fashion and corporate events. They’ve successfully brought to life US adaptations of brands like Circoloco and Time Warp, showcasing artists such as Michael Bibi, Justice: Live, and Peggy Gou.

Since 2010, Broadwick, based in the UK, has made a profound impact on the country’s live experiences. They have over 30 venues in their portfolio, and their annual ticket sales surpass a million. They’ve established cultural brands like Printworks London, DRUMSHEDS, and Depot Mayfield, hosting a wide range of events beyond music.

To stay informed about the debut project launching in April, follow TCE Presents and Broadwick on social media.

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