Teho and Makoto San link up for ‘Hanten’

Teho and Makoto San link up for ‘Hanten’

Now available via Labo T.

Photo credit: Teho & Makoto San – Official

Teho and Makoto San, the two talented musicians have collaborated on their latest release entitled ‘Hanten’, which is now available through Teho’s Labo T imprint.

During a performance, Teho was captivated by Makoto San’s impressive collection of traditional Japanese instruments, particularly the bamboo percussion. Without delay, he shared a draft project with Makoto San. Drawing inspiration from their wide range of instruments, including Bamboos, Anklungs, and Gendèr, Makoto San skillfully infused the track with ethereal melodies and captivating rhythms. The result was ‘Hanten,’ a composition that emits an atmospheric vibe, filled with tension.

As the track progresses, it gradually builds up to a climactic crescendo, characterized by shimmering synthesis and powerful drums. The fusion of Teho’s electronic elements and Makoto San’s traditional instrumentation creates a unique sonic landscape that transports listeners to unexplored musical territories.

Listen to ‘Hanten‘ below and download your copy here.

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