Teho unveils new single ‘Continuum,’ shares live video

Teho unveils new single ‘Continuum,’ shares live video

Now available through Labo T label.

French electronic music artist Teho has released his new single ‘Continuum,’ now available via Labo T, along with a live music video.

The single ‘Continuum’ symbolizes the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of music. The term Continuum connotes an unending progression, subtle transformation, and fluidity, all fundamental to Teho’s musical exploration.

The composition is a soft blend of harmonies that intensify in-depth, guiding listeners on a tranquil journey. Teho incorporates smooth pads, ethereal textures, and synthesizers subtly, imbuing the soundscape with deep emotional resonance.

Watch the video for ‘Teho – Continuum (live at Zenith de Toulouse)’ below and download your copy here.

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