Tensteps & Andrew Rayel link up on ‘Let Me Love You’

Tensteps & Andrew Rayel link up on ‘Let Me Love You’

The single is now available through Find Your Harmony.

Photo credit: Tensteps – Official

Tensteps and Andrew Rayel have come together to unveil their latest collaborative single, ‘Let Me Love You’. The release is now available on Andrew Rayel’s label, Find Your Harmony.

‘Let Me Love You’ showcases the vocals of Heleen, accompanied by an uplifting piano line, an anthemic beat, and a powerful synth lead that gradually intensifies. The result is a high-energy soundscape filled with intricate sonic elements and captivating basslines. Andrew Rayel adds his own distinctive style to the mix, further enhancing Tensteps’ creation.

When discussing the new release, Tensteps shares, “For me, this track was always intended to be a fun festival-style anthem. The vocal has a lively feel to it, which inspired the triplet-based, danceable vibe we created in the production.”

Listen to ‘Let Me Love You’ below and download your copy here.

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