Tiga celebrates 25 years of Turbo with ‘T25’

Tiga celebrates 25 years of Turbo with ‘T25’

‘The Turbo Track’ by Matias Aguayo is the first release from the 25-track compilation.

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Tiga is celebrating 25 years of his record label Turbo with the release of a special 25-track compilation called ‘T25’ on November 17th.

This exceptional compilation provides a glimpse into Turbo’s current state while honoring its impressive history of delivering groundbreaking electronic music. ‘T25’ features songs from esteemed artists such as Seth Troxler, Audion, Fedele, Extrawelt, Mathame, and 2manydjs. Notably, Tiga and Jori Hulkkonen contribute a brand new original called ‘You So Pretty,’ which showcases Tiga’s distinctive vocals and classic style.

To generate excitement for the full compilation release, Turbo will be unveiling 11 singles leading up to the November 17th launch. The first single, ‘The Turbo Track’ by Matias Aguayo, sets a high standard with its captivating sound and infectious energy.

The involvement of renowned artists like Soulwax (as 2manydjs), Matias Aguayo, Jori Hulkkonen, The Hacker, Seth Troxler, and Audion, alongside contemporary talents such as Cora Novoa, Disfreq, Nikki Nair, Fedele, and Mathame, is a testament to the significance of Turbo 25. Spanning the label’s rich past, vibrant present, and visionary future, this compilation stands as a resounding success of networking, goodwill, and creative collaboration.

Listen to ‘The Turbo Track’ by Matias Aguayo below and download your copy here.

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