Till We See the Sun

Till We See the Sun

David Anthony & Dani Vasser

Renowned house music producer David Anthony has once again emerged from his studio lab, this time partnering with the talented and soulful vocalist Dani Vasser, to bring us an exciting new feel-good house music track, “Till We See The Sun.” Released on the popular Planet Hum label, this track is quickly gaining traction in the electronic music scene. David Anthony, known for his unique blend of soulful and energetic house beats, has taken this track to new heights by incorporating the skills of multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer Danny Mercado. Together, they infuse the song with a vibrant 4/4 rhythm, creating a splendid auditory experience. This collaboration showcases a perfect blend of soulful vocals, rhythmic beats, and expert sound engineering, making “Till We See The Sun” a must-listen for fans of house music. The track is set to become a staple in club playlists and is already making waves in the dance music community, thanks to its catchy beats and uplifting vibes. Whether you’re a dedicated fan of house music or just looking for a new tune to brighten your day, “Till We See The Sun” is a track that shouldn’t be missed. Stay tuned to Planet Hum for more exciting releases from David Anthony and his talented collaborators.”

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