Tomorrowland launches ‘RISE’ program to spotlight new artists

Tomorrowland launches ‘RISE’ program to spotlight new artists

‘RISE’ is a music program that promotes lesser-known artists to gain global recognition.

Tomorrowland presents ‘RISE,’ a music program that promotes new and under-recognized artists. The first compilation, ‘RISE VA’ (Vol. 1), is now available and features six tracks from emerging artists including Vidojean x Oliver Loenn, Layla Benitez and MotherEarth, Tigerblind, KILL SCRIPT, Olympe, and Spada.

Published by Tomorrowland Music, ‘RISE VA’ (Vol. 1) showcases new talent through a carefully curated collection of tracks, with the aim of attracting global attention. The compilation caters to a wide spectrum of electronic music listeners, offering something for every preference.

Adam K, a host on One World Radio, will premiere the six tracks from ‘RISE VA’ (Vol. 1) on his Friday show, giving due recognition to the artists and their tracks on the day of release. Following the initial broadcast, the tracks will be regularly played on various shows on Tomorrowland’s official radio station.

Listen to ‘RISE VA’ (Vol. 1) below and download your copy here.

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