Tony y Not debuts on Rebellion with ‘Give And Take’

Tony y Not debuts on Rebellion with ‘Give And Take’

It’s a three-track EP.

Photo credit: Tony y Not – Official

German-born, Brooklyn-based producer Tony y Not is set to debut on Damian Lazarus’ subsidiary label, Rebellion, with her latest release, ‘Give And Take’.

The title track, ‘Give And Take’, combines atmospheric chords with an acid-infused bass and captivating melodies that resonate with energy and warmth. The second track, ‘Baby (I Don’t Wanna Go)’, is a dancefloor draw, featuring uplifting keys, twisted stabs, and a soundscape that invites listeners to lose themselves in the rhythm. The EP concludes with ‘Move Your Body’, a deep dive into house music, adorned with heavenly pads and fervent vocal whispers.

Throughout her career, Tony y Not has honed her distinctive sound, producing releases through record labels like Me Me Me, Riotvan, and Live At Robert Johnson. Her performances at well-known events such as Cityfox and Watergate have further solidified her position in the music industry.

Listen to ‘Give And Take’ below and secure your copy here.

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