Top 10 Artists to Watch in 2024 (US)

Top 10 Artists to Watch in 2024 (US)

With so many talented artists in our #SymphonicFam, choosing the top ones to watch for the upcoming year was no easy task. Every year, Symphonic’s independent artists have continued to push boundaries and kick ass. We couldn’t be more proud to represent our talented clients and their music! Without further ado, here are the Top 10 Artists to Watch in 2024…

Aria Fenix

A woman with curly hair smiling for the camera.A woman with curly hair smiling for the camera.

“From an emotional country ballad to a dance pop anthem, Aria Fenix is a power force able to do it all and conquer with her signature voice, honest lyrics and contagious energy. Her incredible story of being a medical doctor who decided to follow her dreams in music, has inspired many in finding their true purpose in life. Aria believes in the healing power of art, and her music is deeply influenced by a diverse background in songwriting, musical theatre, dance, mindfulness, yoga and medical school…” // Discover more on Spotify…




A woman in a white shirt holding a red and gold balloon.A woman in a white shirt holding a red and gold balloon.

“beccs is a Brooklyn-based indie pop artist hailed as one of NYLON Magazine’s “favorite cool girls”, a John Lennon Songwriting Finalist, and an “indie-pop vocalist of astonishing candor” by the HuffPost. Holding up a mirror to herself and society at large, beccs confronts and heals audiences with a soul-stirring voice that is as dynamic as it is vulnerable. Blending an edgy modern songwriting with a powerful voice akin to classic 60’s Laurel Canyon, the indie pop artist has been critically acclaimed by Refinery29, NYLON, AudioFemme, PopDust, Huffington Post Queer Voices, and was featured on The BUILD Series with Monet X Change (RuPaul’s Drag Race) for her queer-inclusive Christmas music video “Before This Christmas Ends”. beccs just released her latest single, Good Comin’, “bursting with color, soulful vocals…[and] a hook you won’t get out of your head.” -The Daily Skimm” // Discover more on Spotify…



A black and white photo of a group of men standing in a shadow.A black and white photo of a group of men standing in a shadow.

“DEBUT ALBUM “PLACEBO” OUT NOW” // Discover more on Spotify…



Crush Club

Two men in blue jumpsuits sitting on a red background.Two men in blue jumpsuits sitting on a red background.

“…Crush Club’s live show captivates with TC Milan’s boundless energetic stage presence channeling the late Freddie Mercury and Le Chev’s thumping bass lines commanding a groove. Their uplifting music has been featured in fashion campaigns, video games and TV, including FIFA22 Volta & HBO’s Genera+ion, “My Man” in Queer as Folk 2022 reboot, and “Trust” soundtracking the Tommy Hilfiger FW22 campaign. Crush Club first arrived on the scene with “We Dance” in 2018, which BBC1 Radio’s Annie Mac instantly named “Hottest Record in The World.” A classic in the same celebratory vein as Indeep’s “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life,” “We Dance” pays homage to the life-affirming and inclusive qualities of the dance floor, a central theme in Crush Club’s music: We dance, we make the club our home / We chant all night to free our souls / We dance!” // Discover more on Spotify…




A woman in a black skirt and sunglasses is posing in front of a house.A woman in a black skirt and sunglasses is posing in front of a house.

“Denyah, is a California girl & self proclaimed “Pastel R&B” artist blending pop, electronic, and R&B influences to make her dreamy sound.” // Discover more on Spotify…



Kvng Moses

A man with dreadlocks wearing a white hoodie.A man with dreadlocks wearing a white hoodie.

“Garrett Thomas “Kvng” Moses is an American rapper, singer and songwriter known for his energetic and agile flow; which incorporates impressive story-telling elements, R&B influenced harmonies, and clever diction. Moses first received widespread exposure after appearing on Joyner Lucas’ “ISIS (Remix)” in 2022. 
 The Arkansas native turned to music as an escape from the hardships he endured as an adolescent, and to prove he would deviate from the statistics his peers fell victim to. Driven by his wife and 5 children, Moses is a husband and father first, and an entertainer second. The rebellious nature burning in Moses’ heart fuels him to create the controversial, yet mentally and emotionally therapeutic music he shares with those in need.
 “Don’t let others define you or your worth.” – Kvng Moses” // Discover more on Spotify…



Lu City

Two men with sunglasses standing in front of a black background.Two men with sunglasses standing in front of a black background.

“Dynamic from birth and destined to make music – Lu City artists LUJA & Ryie boast a unique Dancehall/Afrobeat blend with a strong Pop appeal and a proper sexy Caribbean feel. Although they are inspired by international pop, rap, dancehall and R&B artists, Lu City’s Caribbean upbringing also has a major influence on their beats and lyrics. The result is an unexpected and upscale sound to come out of the tiny Caribbean island of St. Lucia; with catchy beats, relatable lyrics and smooth melodies they possess an obvious potential for international listenership…” // Discover more on Spotify…




A woman in a white dress posing on a bed of flowers.A woman in a white dress posing on a bed of flowers.

“hiii i’m Raegan, im a 21 year old singer-songwriter and producer based in NYC. I write and produce all my music…my songs are my mind in a sonic form. I like to experiment with all different types of sounds and genres. I grew up doing musical theatre so I’m inspired by cinematic and theatrical atmospheres… So far I’ve released TIM BURTON, STALKER, HI MY NAME IS, STOCKHOLM, WALTZ, and MEAN but have lots more to come. check out my youtube to watch my songs come to life with the visualizers and follow meee @raegancomplex on tiktok, ig or yt 🖤🖤” // Discover more on Spotify…



A man holding a guitar and smiling.A man holding a guitar and smiling.

“Shaquille Taylor, aka TAOG (pronounced TAY-O-G), a multi-talented artist from Freeport, Bahamas. TAOG’s journey to success began at the young age of 11 when he moved to Florida to pursue a professional tennis career. However, it was during this time that he discovered his true passion – music. TAOG quickly began honing his songwriting skills and creating his own music. As he progressed through college, he dropped multiple albums and singles that quickly gained popularity in South Florida, earning him features on some of the biggest music platforms such as WorldstarHiphop, Rap Nation, Elevator, and No Jumper…” // Discover more on Spotify…



Vitesse X

A woman in a black top with red lights on her face.A woman in a black top with red lights on her face.

“Vitesse X, the enigmatic producer and DJ from New York, captivates with ethereal sounds and enchanting vocal melodies. Drawing inspiration from the pulsating rhythms of modern rave culture and the nostalgic aura of the ’90s, Vitesse X occupies a sonic frontier that is both exhilarating and alluring. In 2022, Vitesse X released her debut LP ” () and supported and on a sold out US tour. The title track ‘’ quickly rose to prominence, making the #1 spot on VICE’s top songs of 2022 list. She has been recognized by outlets like Pitchfork, Gorilla vs. Bear, DAZED and was named one of Numéro Magazine’s 7 Female Electronic Producers and Singers to Watch…” // Discover more on Spotify…


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