Try Me presents new single ‘Tidal Wave’

Try Me presents new single ‘Tidal Wave’

Now available via Very Serious Records.

Photo credit: Try Me – Official

Try Me, the duo composed of Hector Boogieman (Miles Hutchinson) and Bendy Wendy (Molly Vivian), has recently released their latest single entitled  ‘Tidal Wave’.

‘Tidal Wave’ starts with the soothing sound of waves and a 4/4 drum kick, creating the atmosphere for a fusion of a funky bassline and broken beats. The suggestive lyrics by Hector Boogieman complement the track, expressing a desire to connect with someone on a rollercoaster ride and promising to save them a seat. The duet continues with clever lyrics filled with playful innuendos, accompanied by a vibrant bass and Nile Rogers’ Chic-inspired guitar.

Bendy Wendy explains, “This song is a playful exploration of a roller coaster relationship – it has its ups and downs, but when it’s all over, you get back in line. We hope the love we have poured into this song can be felt overflowing from the speakers for whoever may be listening.”

Listen to ‘Tidal Wave’ below and get your copy here.

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