Magic Juan -“Tu Forma De Ser” Featuring FrankieJ & David Anthony

Magic Juan -“Tu Forma De Ser” Featuring FrankieJ & David Anthony

New Release Highlight: “Tu Forma De Ser” / “Love The Way”

The dance music scene has been enriched with a new addition, “Tu Forma De Ser,” also known to many as “Baby I Love The Way.” This track stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit of Magic Juan, Frankie J, and the production prowess of David Anthony. As it makes its rounds from clubs to Spotify playlists, this song offers a fresh take on dance music, infused with the rhythmic essence of Latin beats and the smooth undertones of R&B.

Collaborative Brilliance

Magic Juan and Frankie J have come together in a striking blend of genres and styles, with David Anthony lending his seasoned expertise in production. This collaboration has birthed a track that’s as much at home in the bustling energy of a club as it is streaming through headphones on Spotify. “Tu Forma De Ser” showcases the artists’ abilities to bridge their diverse musical backgrounds, creating a sound that’s both inviting and innovative.

Beyond Genre Constraints

What truly sets “Tu Forma De Ser” apart is its refusal to be confined by genre boundaries. It’s a track that speaks the language of dance music while embracing the warmth of Latin pop and the intimacy of R&B. This blend not only makes it a versatile listen but also a unifying track that can appeal to a broad audience.

A Highlight from “SuperHeroe”

For those captivated by “Tu Forma De Ser,” there’s more to be discovered on Magic Juan’s latest album, “SuperHeroe.” This album serves as a showcase for Magic Juan’s versatility and creativity, offering listeners a variety of new songs that promise to engage and entertain just as much as this standout track.

In a music landscape that’s constantly evolving, “Tu Forma De Ser” / “Baby I Love The Way” and the “SuperHeroe” album mark exciting developments. These works not only highlight the collaborative potential among artists but also affirm the enduring appeal of dance music that knows how to keep listeners moving and engaged.

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