Ukrainian artist Rena Ulrich finds inspiration in music amidst war

Ukrainian artist Rena Ulrich finds inspiration in music amidst war

Her track ‘Eternity’ is featured on ‘Music To Die For Presents: Artists To Die For’, along with other talented artists.

Photo credit: Rena Ulrich – Official

In an inspiring tale of determination and resilience, Ukrainian artist Rena Ulrich, also known as, has found solace and inspiration in music amidst the chaos of war. Signed by Music To Die For Recordings, Rena’s journey as a young DJ and producer has been defined by her escape from the war-torn city of Kyiv to find safety in Italy. As the second anniversary of Russia’s invasion into Ukraine approaches, Rena candidly discusses the harsh reality of living in a war zone.

Rena’s exceptional talent has caught the attention of Music To Die For Recordings, a renowned British label known for supporting up-and-coming artists deserving recognition. She is featured alongside another Ukrainian artist, Indie Elephant, in the label’s latest compilation album concept, ‘Music To Die For Presents: Artists To Die For’.

The album showcases a diverse range of musical styles. Rena’s melancholic yet hopeful track ‘Eternity’, which serves as the lead single from her EP of the same name, is featured, as well as Indie Elephant’s captivating ‘Other Side’ and Fauxplay’s energetic ‘Ascension’.

Taking the concept a step further, Music To Die For Recordings released the ‘Edits’ version for streaming and radio play, followed by the final definitive version, ‘Artists To Die For Expanded & Remixed’. This three-disc compilation features the artists remixing each other’s tracks, resulting in a truly collaborative project.

Rena’s talent shines as she reimagines Mallinder’s ‘Heavy Rotation’, while Hudson adds his distinctive touch to the collaboration between Speakman and French For Rabbits, titled ‘High’. Another noteworthy track is CHAIN’s uplifting remix of Rena’s ‘Eternity’, introducing a new level of euphoria with his own vocals. The album is a testament to the imagination, originality, and creative thinking demonstrated by all the artists involved.

“It has been extremely challenging to stay focused on music,” Rena admits, reflecting on the impact of the war on her life. However, she believes that creating music that evokes emotions and serves as a distraction from the chaos is the best contribution she can make during these difficult times.

Addressing the seriousness of the situation, Rena emphasizes that this is not just a “situation” or a “conflict,” but a real war with constant air raids and explosions. She shares the daily uncertainty of waking up and wondering if she will survive the next day. Despite the immense challenges she faces, Rena’s passion for music remains unwavering.

Label boss Johnny Hudson expresses his admiration for the artists, highlighting their fearlessness in breaking the rules and creating innovative music that will resonate with listeners worldwide. Rena echoes this sentiment, emphasizing that music, along with her loved ones, is what gives her strength and purpose.

‘Music To Die For Presents: Artists To Die For Expanded & Remixed’ is now available on all major platforms. This compilation not only showcases the talent of emerging artists like Rena but also demonstrates the power of music to inspire, uplift, and unite even in the face of adversity.

Listen to ‘Music To Die For Presents: Artists To Die For’ below and download your copy here.

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