US Government announces significant fee increases for artist visas

US Government announces significant fee increases for artist visas

The application costs for the visas will increase by more than 120 percent.

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The US government has recently announced an adjustment in fees for various types of visas, including artist visas. Effective April 1st, the application costs for the O visa, which grants musicians and DJs a three-year stay in the US, will experience a significant increase from $460 to $1,055, representing a substantial 129 percent rise.

Similarly, the P visa, designed for shorter stays tied to a specific event, will also see a notable increase from $460 to $1,015, reflecting a 121 percent change. It is important to note that both of these increases are lower than the initially proposed amounts of $1,655 for the O visa and $1,615 for the P visa, which were suggested last year.

In addition to these fee adjustments, small employers with 25 or fewer employees who file the I-129 form required for O and P visas will now be required to pay an additional Asylum Program Fee of $300. On the other hand, larger employers will be subject to a fee of $600.

Furthermore, fees for expedited processing will also experience an increase, rising from $2,500 to $2,805 per application starting from February 26th. Additionally, the timelines for this premium service will change from 15 calendar days to 15 business days.

This recent announcement marks the first time that artist visa costs have increased since 2016. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services (UCIS), explaining the need for higher fees, stated on its website that they are necessary to cover the cost of doing business and avoid the accumulation of future backlogs.

For more detailed information regarding these fee adjustments and the artist visa application process, visit the official website of the US Citizenship and Immigration Services here.

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