VANCO shares ‘Kitchen’ as part of his upcoming EP

 VANCO shares ‘Kitchen’ as part of his upcoming EP

 ‘Ithemba: A Journey of Hope’ is the name of the upcoming release.

Photo credit:   Vanco – Facebook

Johannesburg DJ/producer, Vanco, just presented his latest track entitled ‘Kitchen.’ This 7-minute-long journey combines elements of afro-tech, deep house, and atmospheric trance melodies with big room vibes. It serves as a DJ tool for long, melodic sets. Additionally, Vanco announced his upcoming EP entitled ‘Ithemba: A Journey of Hope’.

Vanco developed the track after a memorable and inspiring night in Ibiza, during his journey to the beautiful shores of Bali. According to him, Kitchen is more than just a song; it’s a captivating auditory experience. Imagine a symphony of sounds that evoke the clinking of kitchen utensils, a powerful bassline that resonates like a heartbeat, and a fusion of deep tones and delightful synths that completely captivate you. It’s a rich and indulgent creation, a tantalizing blend of flavors that transports you to a realm where music goes beyond mere notes.”

Listen to ‘Kitchen’ below and grab your copy here. 

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