Viclan Debuts on R&S Records with ‘Self Manifest’

Viclan Debuts on R&S Records with ‘Self Manifest’

Now available on all streaming platforms.

Manchester-based producer Viclan has made his debut on R&S Records with his latest track entitled ‘Self Manifest.’ Formerly known as Siege and CWS, Calvin Whittaker has reemerged under the alias Viclan.

The ‘Self Manifest’ single features two songs that pay tribute to Detroit and the original electro sounds. Viclan showcases his talent for creating captivating four-to-the-floor compositions infused with a blend of industrial funk and breakbeat energy.

Drawing inspiration from the Motor City’s rich musical heritage and combining it with his own innovative approach, Viclan’s music is a fusion of the past and present.

Listen to ‘Self Manifest’ below and grab your copy here.

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