Vromm drops ‘Horizon’ via R&S

Vromm drops ‘Horizon’ via R&S

Drawing inspiration from the UK bass.

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London-based producer Vromm has recently released his latest single ‘Horizon’ on the renowned R&S label. This album offers a captivating blend of futuristic beats and deep synths.

On ‘Horizon’ Vromm skillfully combines saxophone riffs and Sheffield bleep elements with intricate beat science, showcasing his unique style. He draws inspiration from the UK bass and beats culture that has influenced him since the late 1980s.

Having released a series of EPs on esteemed labels such as Critical Music, Over/Shadow, ThirtyOne Recordings, and Om Unit’s Cosmic Bridge imprint, Vromm has established himself in the bass music scene.

Listen to ‘Horizon’ below and download your copy here.

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