Warriors of the Dystotheque release double A-side EP

Warriors of the Dystotheque release double A-side EP

Out now on DSPPR.

Photo Credit: Jonny Mac – Official

The international ensemble Warriors of the Dystotheque is ready to captivate music enthusiasts with their double A-side release, ‘Korean Frequency / Hashish Dreams.’ The tracks, which highlight the group’s innovative sound, are already available via DSPPR.

The double A-side kicks off with the uplifting and collaborative track, ‘Korean Frequency.’ The five Warriors come together to create a dreamscape of swelling pad sounds, precise drum loops, rich horns, and ethereal synths.

Accompanying ‘Korean Frequency’ is the enchanting ‘Hashish Dreams,’ a collaboration with the talented Steve Overend. The track begins with a delicate piano melody, intricately woven with dreamy synths. As the song progresses, it transforms into a jazz-infused piece, fueled by a groovy breakbeat, funky basslines, and captivating saxophone solos courtesy of the Rufolo twins.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the tracks, Jonny Mac shares, “The track title for ‘Korean Frequency’ comes from an old club night I used to host called Frequency, where Sean was a resident. During one studio session, we ordered food from a local Korean restaurant, and the name stuck. As for ‘Hashish Dreams,’ I had been eager to collaborate with Stevie Overend for some time. He sent over some ideas from a live jam he had been working on, and I reimagined and rearranged it before taking it to Florida, where it received the signature funked-up cosmic Jazz treatment from Mick & Nick.”

Listen to ‘Korean Frequency / Hashish Dreams’ below and grab your copy here.

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