Watch Alex Keeper’s exclusive performance of his new ‘Depart’ EP

Watch Alex Keeper’s exclusive performance of his new ‘Depart’ EP

22 minutes of pure musical bliss.

French artist  Alex Keeper just shared an exclusive recording of his new EP entitled  ‘Depart,’ which is now available via  Get The Sound label.

‘Depart’ is Alex’s  latest musical offering that includes 5 tracks  ‘Setting Sail,  ‘Free Falling’,  ‘Circles’, Safe and Sound’, and Back To You.’ On the release, the French-born and Singapore-raised artist celebrates the way he approaches making music, being mostly autonomous in composing, recording, mixing, and illustrating his work, while questioning how movement can influence one’s sense of belonging. This more personal release is also the first time he uses his own voice on his tracks. Singing himself made sense to embody what he wanted to explore and marks a new step in his music career.

To complement the release of ‘Depart’, Keeper also shared an official video featuring a live performance of all five new cuts. Recorded in the tranquility of a beach house during a cloudy day, the video showcases Alex’s metier, workflow, and dynamic approach to composition (implementing a computer, AKAI sampler, and ALESIS drum machine), while providing an ideal backdrop to the sounds of the newly released EP.

Alex   Keeper is one of the chill house genre’s rising stars, with over 750,000 monthly listeners. His continued relationship with the Get The Sound imprint has amassed over 350 million streams annually, 500k YouTube subscribers, and over 600k Spotify playlist subscribers in under two years.

Watch Alex Keeper’s  ‘Depart’ performance below and download your copy here

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